A Smarter Way to Buy Health Insurance

Step 1: ENROLL

Enroll in an affordable HSA-Compatible High Deductible Health Plan (Bronze) to protect against large unexpected medical bills.

Save 20% to 60% on premiums compared to Silver, Gold and Platinum plans

Step 2: SAVE

Put these premium savings into a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for routine, expected medical bills and prescription costs and to save for future deductibles.

IF possible, make additional contributions up to the maximum allowable limits each year.

Tax-free contributions, growth & withdrawals

Step 3: INVEST

Set a goal to “save and invest” HSA dollars to provide a lifetime of benefits.

Now Until Retirement:

  • Covers current health care expenses
  • Covers future expenses up to age 65

At Retirement, a pool of tax-free money to pay for:

  • Medicare premiums: Part B and Part D
  • Expenses not covered by Medicare: deductibles, co-insurance, physicals, dental and vision
  • Long Term Care (L