Stick With Exercise for a Lifetime:Stick With Exercise for a Lifetime: How to enjoy every minute of it!

Written specifically for the 7 out of 10 Americans who don’t get adequate exercise, this book identifies the research-proven alternative to the traditional fitness program that brings fun and enjoyment to your exercise program. Health benefits arise naturally as the byproduct of having fun with physical activities. The book identifies the 7 best practices the most successful exercisers use to stick with exercise for a lifetime, and shows how the average sedentary American can implement those best practices.

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HSA-StrategyThe HSA Strategy: The Future of Health Insurance in America

This is the continuing education textbook for the insurance industry. Book endorsed by the leading experts in the healthcare industry.

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HappilyAfter Health Care Happily Ever After: A Friendly Little Tale of the Health Savings Account and How it Won the Heart of a Nation

This is a short book (88 pages) that makes the case that every American should have a high deductible health plan. Ideal for business owners and HR Directors.

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