About Us

Selecting health insurance can be overwhelming, difficult and stressful. We make health insurance easy and understandable for our clients. Whether it’s individual or group health insurance, Medicare supplements, or life insurance, we are here to help. We do this by listening, educating, caring, guiding, and being right here for our clients each and every day.

We LISTEN. We listen to what you are looking for in your health insurance plan. Whether your insurance needs are personal or for your business, as insurance professionals, we listen and identify the best fit for each of our clients. Simply put – we listen and make it easy to select the health insurance plan that is right for you.

We EDUCATE. We educate you on the varieties of health insurance plans available. Most importantly, we would like our clients to make well-informed decisions. While some may receive the most value from high-deductible major medical insurance with a tax-deferred health savings account, others may require the coverage offered by a more traditional insurance plan. We believe making good choices is best accomplished with education and knowledge. Allow us to help you select a plan that offers the most benefit at the best value for your budget.

We CARE. We care about you and your health. We believe that as important as it is to have proper health insurance, it’s even more important to take care of yourself and your body. We encourage our clients to lead healthy lifestyles and to make wellness a top priority, while using insurance as a back up plan. Allow us to introduce you to lifelong ways of improving your overall health and wellness.

We GUIDE. We guide your health and wellness future. Healthcare reform is bringing substantial changes. It’s important that our clients understand the implications of these changes and how it impacts their health insurance plan moving forward. In fact, our owner Bob Hopper is a recognized authority in the industry. He doesn’t just follow the issues; he actively participates in the discussions and even wrote a continuing education textbook that is the go-to resource for insurance agents across the country. Allow us to guide your health insurance decisions so that costly mistakes are not made now that will adversely impact you in the future.

We ARE HERE. We are here…working and living in the Santa Barbara community. Personalized service is our priority. How can your health insurance be treated any other way? Life is busy – we know that. When you have a question, even after your new policy is in place, just give us a call or drop by our office at Victoria Court in Santa Barbara. We are always here for you.