Employer-provided health insurance doesn’t have to be complicated

Our goal is to make health insurance easy and understandable for employers and your employees.

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Step 1: Learn about health insurance. This section presents health insurance in a concise, easy-to-understand format. You will gain an understanding of healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and learn about “21st Century Benefits” — the most cost effective way to offer employee benefits.

Step 2: Shop and Compare.  Employers are seeking health plans that maximize benefits to employees while keeping within a budget.  In essence “which plans offer the best value?”  We have identified several of the most cost-effective group health insurance plans on the market and can easily prepare a customized illustration that compares our recommendations with your current plans.  In most cases our 21st century recommendations will significantly outperform traditional health plan offerings. It costs you nothing for us to make this comparison for you.

Step 3: Implement new plans We will conduct employee meetings, educate employees, handle the entire enrollment process from sign-up to follow through until everything is in place.  Then we will provide ongoing service to make it easy for you and your employees throughout the year.

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