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Our goal is to make health insurance easy and understandable to our clients.

This website is designed to help our clients and future clients enroll in a health plan that offers the best value for their needs and budget.

Individual Health Insurance

Our Education & Enrollment Website has everything you need at one location 

  • Step 1: LEARN. This section of the website will provide important concisely-presented information you need to know about health insurance, including our plan recommendations.
  • Step 2: APPLY. This section provides one location where you can window shop plans from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to find the plan that offers the best value, and then enroll in that plan.
  • Step 3: AFTER YOU APPLY. This section outlines what you need to do to maximize the benefits of your health plan as well as avoid claims and billing problems.

If you read and understand the concisely-presented information in the LEARN section, and follow our recommendations, you will always have the plan that offers the best value for your needs and budget.

Remember, we are always available to answer questions and help you enroll or change plans.

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