Robert Hopper, Ph.D. has written three articles for America’s Benefits Specialist Magazine, the premier national journal for health insurance agents. Together these three articles provide employers the tools to transform their employee benefits plan into the 21st Century, and at the same time, improve benefits without increasing costs.

We highly encourage all employers looking to provide better employee healthcare benefits at the same or lower costs to read the following three articles, in order and in their entirety:

  1. The Case of HSAs: Why nearly everyone can benefit from owning a health savings account.
    • This article published in December 2015 is designed to help employers—and employees—understand the tremendous power paying for medical bills with pretax dollars from a health savings account. Employees often pay an additional premium to get a plan with low copays for doctor visits and prescription drugs. The magic moment comes when the employee realizes that paying for doctor visits with tax-free HSA dollars is roughly the same or better than paying with co-pays.


  1. How to Re-Think Employee-Directed Benefits Part 1
    • This article published in March 2017outlines the concept of “employee directed benefits” where the employees are empowered to choose between saving cash in an HSA and paying an additional premium for copays.


  1. How to Re-Think Employee-Directed Benefits Part 2
    • This article published in April 2017 provides specific recommendations for employer to implement 21st Century Benefits.