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Healthcare Reform Resource Center

In 2014 the health insurance landscape underwent the most dramatic change in nearly 50 years (since Medicare and Medicaid began in the 1960’s) with the launch of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

No one knows for certain how things will shake down at this time. There are many more questions than answers. Bob Hopper and his trusted team have studied hard to understand healthcare reform. In fact, Bob has written a series of articles that will help you understand how healthcare reform will affect you and what actions you can take now and in the future. If you understand the information in these articles you will be prepared for making good decisions in the future.

As always, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call. We are here to help.

Published articles written by Bob Hopper

307, 2017

Three Important Articles for Employers

Robert Hopper, Ph.D. has written three articles for America’s Benefits Specialist Magazine, the premier national journal for health insurance agents. Together these three articles provide employers th [...]

1210, 2016

How to start fixing Obamacare

Recent headlines announced that three of the five largest insurance companies in America - United Healthcare, Aetna, and Humana—are dropping out of the Federal and State Exchanges. Why? They are losin [...]

1412, 2015

The Case for HSA’s

Why nearly everyone can benefit from owning a Health Savings Account The most important reason for owning a health savings account is the ability to use "tax-free" dollars to pay for healthcare expens [...]

901, 2015

Bob Hopper Health Insurance Guide for 2015

Read this if you buy your own health insurance. Open enrollment runs through Feb. 15th If you are covered by an employer-sponsored health plan, open enrollment does not apply to you. If, however, you [...]

306, 2014

Health Insurance Decision Making Guide

This Guide will help you understand the Affordable Care Act, learn if you qualify for premium/ coverage subsidies, and enable you to choose the one plan that is right for you. Decision Making Guide &n [...]

206, 2013

The Affordable Care Act and Higher Premiums.

In this editorial I look into my crystal ball (e.g., reports by two major actuarial firms that analyzed the California market) to explain what will happen to health insurance premiums in 2014. 2013 Ju [...]

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