Let’s compare HSA-based plans to Traditional plans

Listed below are some common claims scenarios for employees.  The questionnaire illustrates how the HSA-based plan out performs the traditional Silver plan.

To see the details of this comparison, read the article by Robert Hopper, Ph.D. titled “The Case for HSAs; or why nearly everyone can benefit from owning a health savings account,

Claim Scenarios

HSA-Qualified Plan
Bronze HSA

Traditional Plan

Large medical bill ($30,000 to $500,000+) X
Healthy (less than $1000/year) X
Moderate claims ($2,000/year) X
Frequent doctor visits (10/year) X
Frequent prescriptions X
Generic (2 prescriptions) X
Brand (1-2 expensive medications) X X
New Benefits to employees with HSA:
Plan and save for future expenses including retirement X
Improved benefits for healthy employees X
Eliminate financial risk in future X
Reward for good health X
Personal Wellness program X
Alternative healthcare X
Using out-of-network providers X


In general, the HSA-based plan will outperform the traditional plans in most claims scenarios.  The most common reason for choosing a traditional plan will be for someone who takes one or more expensive non-formulary brand name prescriptions.

Important Important Note: The roughly 2/3 of employees have are in good health can leverage their good health and save money with an HSA. They will benefit substantially by building a pool of money for future claims.

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