Medicare Advantage Plan

With Original Medicare, the member has Medicare as the primary insurance, and a Medicare Supplement as supplementary coverage. The doctor or hospital sends bills to Medicare and Medicare pays its portion; then Medicare passes the bill on to the Medicare Supplement Company, that pays the remaining costs. The member buys a separate Prescription Drug plan.

A Medicare Advantage plan is very different from a Medicare Supplement plan. Medicare sends money to the insurance company to administer a plan for its members. It is a private health insurance plan approved by Medicare and administered by an Insurance Company.

  • These plans usually have an HMO network. Sansum Medical Clinic is the HMO provider in Santa Barbara. You cannot use providers outside of Sansum.
  • An all-in-one alternative to original Medicare and a supplement. These bundled plans include Part A (Hospital), Part B (Medical Services) and Part D (Prescription Drugs).
  • The member has copays for most medical services, including Hospital costs.
  • This plan includes a Prescription Drug Plan.