Our philosophy is simple . . .

Always choose the best Medicare supplement plan that fits comfortably in your budget.

Here’s why:

  • When you turn 65, join Medicare, and get supplementary coverage, you are buying health insurance for the rest of your life.
  • You have six months from your 65th birthday in which to apply for a Medicare supplement or Advantage plan.  You will not need to answer questions about your medical history. NONE during these first six months.
  • If you want to want to change your plan after you reach 65-1/2 years or older, you may be required to answer MEDICAL QUESTIONS to verify good health. You can be declined for a variety of medical conditions.  This applies to Medicare Advantage plans after the first year on the plan.


  • If your financial situation changes in the future, you can ALWAYS downgrade to a lower cost plan.
    • Plan F —>Plan G —> Plan N —> Advantage Plan
    • But if you start with a lower cost plan, you cannot upgrade to better coverage without your medical history being examined. You can be declined when you most need a plan with good benefits.


  • For people born after 1-1-1955 the best Medicare supplement plan is Plan G. If it fits comfortably in your budget, select this plan.
  • For people who were born prior to 1-1-1955, Plan F is the best plan.  If it fits comfortably in your budget, you should keep it.  If not, you can change to a lower cost Plan G, N, or Advantage plan.