A Quick View of Medicare Supplemental Plan G

At age 65 Medicare becomes your basic health insurance coverage. There are two essential parts to Medicare –
Part A and Part B.

  • Part A covers hospital and skilled nursing facility costs
  • Part B covers physician services, diagnostic tests and surgical expenses

With Medicare there are gaps in coverage (deductibles and coinsurance). These are costs you need to pay if you don’t have supplemental insurance for Medicare. Some medical costs can be quite large. Supplement plans for Medicare act like an umbrella to protect you from those Medicare gaps in coverage by paying those extra costs for you.

With the Medicare Supplement Plan G, your only costs for health care will the Part B Deductible ($198 in 2020).  After you meet that deductible, your Medicare Supplement will pay all the other costs including surgery and hospital costs.  In other words, the most you will pay is $198/year; there will be no additional medical costs. And the premiums for supplemental Medicare plans are much smaller than premiums in the under-65 market, where a comparable Platinum level plan might cost $1800/month!

Note: with Medicare prescription drugs are separate from regular medical costs. You will be able to get an affordable Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) that will average around $15/month.